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File Upload

Ready to place your order and not sure how get files to us? You have several options available depending on the size and number of files you are sending.

  • Small Number of Small/Medium size files (up to 10-15mb each)? Use the File uploader that is provided after pressing "Add to Cart" during the order process.
  • Large files and Bulk Orders? Add the filenames to the "File Names and Notes", but skip the uploader after pressing Add to Cart. Then come back to this page and choose an option bellow to use our Web Based FTP uploader. There is no file size limit to this system, only what your upload speed can handle.
  • Multiple Large files to large to upload? Copy them to a USB and deliver them to us.



  • Place your order as normal, ordering your products as required.
  • Prepare your files in a folder marked with the date in this format - Year-Month-Day...  2016-11-23
  • If you have orders for several clients create a folder for each client within the Dated folder
  • Ensure the files names clearly show what needs to be done with each image, or put them in folders marked with the product type.
  • Log into your FTP account and upload your files.
  • Prepare your images to order. Ensure all file names include your name like this... SteveSmith_dsc045.jpg
  • Place your order and carry on through the shopping cart process.
  • Ensure you enter the file name into the "File Names and Notes" section for each product you order.
  • Once you've placed your order. click the link below and follow the instructions to upload your files.

Click here to upload your files - INKJET LAB FILE UPLOAD PAGE

Can't remember your log in details? Email us

Click here to upload your files - GUEST UPLOAD PAGE

Please Note:

This system should work with all browsers on Windows, OSX, and Linux, However Google Chrome is recomended as it supports natively supports more features without the use of java.