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Embellishing your prints



This information is for the painters among you. Photographers don't normally want to add brush strokes to their photos to make them look like paintings but artists often want to give their prints a more "original" look by adding texture to the print.


Canvas Prints

The most common form of embellishing is done using Impasto Gel to coat a canvas and give it a 'brushstroke' effect. Impasto gel is a milky looking gel that is brushed onto the coated canvas print in such a way that the brush strokes follow the original strokes by the artist. As the gel dries it turns clear and leaves high and low points over the canvas.

Many other artists use acrylics to add detail and texture to their canvas prints. Do not use Oils! - Acrylics will not harm your canvas. Adding acrylics in strategic spots on your print can really turn it into something special. Artists produce limited editions called "Remarques" or "Enhanced Prints" where they will add not only texture but additional subject matter making each print unique and in turn, more valuable.

Paper Prints

Paper prints can be embellished with pencils, pastels or acrylics using the same techniques you use to paint any original artwork.

The best place to get advice for this technique is from other artists who use it regularly - if they'll give away their secrets. Make some friends on Facebook, joins some forums and speak with others who have used this method.