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Canvas Fade Tests - Over 100 Years!

Everybody says their canvas is the best, Everybody says their canvas lasts longer - ask them to prove it!

WE CAN! The most popular canvas we use is our InkjetPro Premium Edition 430gsm Cotton Polyester Canvas. We coat this canvas with Aquathane Spray Laminate. The only thing we do that is different to the test results provided by the manufacturer is use Canon inks which are known to last 1.6 times longer than Epson inks (those used in the test).

The company that supplies us the canvas and laminate commissioned the Image Permanence Institute of Rochester Institute of Technology to conduct Light Stability tests on the same product we use here (only with Epson inks). The results show that this combination of canvas, coating and inks lasts at least 102 years without noticeable fading. Because we use Canon Lucia inks you can expect that this would be much longer!

Want proof? If you understand scientific jargon then we have the full report available for you to read. No other canvas manufacturer will supply you with this information!

It must be understood that these tests apply specifically to these products. Using the laminate with a different canvas will not yield the same result. There are many different canvas and laminate combinations available in Australia along with the choice of Epson HP or Canon inks. We've always strived to offer the very best product available and now you have the proof!