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Camera and Monitor Calibration




If you are after accurate colour for your images you need to be aware of all steps in the process.

From the moment you press the shutter on your camera, the settings you use will affect colour. When you import your images into Lightroom of Photoshop, your colour settings are critical. WIthout a correctly calibrated monitor, the chances of what you see on your screen looking like the print we make for you will be slim. You must have confidence in your printer that their papers and system is correctly profiled to ensure your results are consistent.

Using tools like the entry level ColorMunki Smile for basic calibration will give you a sporting chance to get things right. For those of you that require even more accuracy, choose the X-rite i1Photo Pro 2 or X-rite i1Display Pro for professional results.

ColorTRUE - Colour Perfection for Mobile Devices

In our on-the-go, photography-filled world, mobile devices have become one of the most important ways for displaying and sharing our images, but their colour accuracy is not perfect. ColorTRUE is the super simple way for professional and enthusiast colour perfectionists alike to get unrivaled colour accuracy on their mobile devices. Show your TRUE colours – anywhere and everywhere you are!

So, you think the colour on your tablet or phone looks pretty good, right? Try this. Hold your portable device up next to your desktop. Are your colours too pumped up or have they lost the level of saturation you expected to see? Are your shadows blocked up? Do your images look different on your tablet compared to your desktop? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it’s time to calibrate with ColorTRUE– the new colour management app that delivers true tablet-to-desktop screen matching (from the leader in colour calibration and profiling, X-Rite Pantone). Now you can show your photos with absolute confidence knowing they are colour accurate.