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400gsm Sihl Masterclass Canvas

400gsm Sihl Masterclass Canvas
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Things to know about your canvas print -

  • This Cotton/Poly blend canvas has a great natural texture with a 2:1 weave.
  • The structure of the fabric is very pronounced which lends the material a decorative effect.
  • Due to the presence of natural cotton components in the base material, the surface characteristics may vary slightly.
  • This canvas is made in Switzerland by one of the largest media suppliers in the world.
  • The minimium canvas size available is 20 x 25cm, the maximum canvas size is 140 x 300cm. Longer than 300cm is available by special quotation as stretcher frames must be custom made.
  • All canvases stretched by us are covered by our unique 100 year replacement warranty.
  • This canvas has a high archival ratings and is printed with 12 colour Canon Lucia EX pigment Inks and has been laboratory tested to last over 100 years without fading when displayed correctly. Canon inks have been proven to last almost half as long again as Epson inks. These inks offer a very wide colour gamut which means your prints will be more true to colour.
  • Your canvas is spray-coated with Aquathane Laminate for added protection. Aquathane provides your canvas with high flexibility, extra scratch resistance, anti-fungal ultra clear finish and most importantly, a superior Ultra Violet Light Blocking Ability.
  • The 32mm Stretcher Bars are made from environmentally friendly, Queensland grown, kiln dried, Araucaria pine while the 18 and 42/50mm bars are from New Zealand Radiata Pine and they do not warp. All of our timber bars originate from regrowth forests. We do not use Australian hardwood timber (Eucalypts such as Vic Ash or Tassie Oak) or non-regrowth Asian rainforest timber (Meranti). Many of these products contain larger amounts of tannin or tannic acid, which may be detrimental to archival (acid free) products. In addition to the acidic content issue, the use of non regrowth forest contributes to global warming and climate change. 
  • The edges of the stretcher bars are all rounded to give a beautiful smooth finish to the stretched canvas.
  • Allow 3-4 days for your order to be completed, plus delivery time.

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