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Art Reproduction


Inkjet Lab is a division of Art House Reproductions, Australia's premier art reproduction service. If you are an artist looking for high quality Giclee art reproductions then visit our information site - www.arthousehq.com - to learn more about what we do.

When it comes to copying artwork we have Australia's first and only 100megapixel Scan Camera.

  • 1200 megapixels- That's correct - 1.2 GIGAPIXELS! the sensor is an amazing 20,000 x 20,000 pixels of R, G and B!
  • The camera is hand-made to order in Germany and uses Schneider APO-Componon lenses, the best in the world and the only lenses capable of resolving the detail produced.
  • The camera produces up to a whopping 2240megabyte, 16bit file and the colour, tone and detail is unsurpassed.
  • The range of lenses we use allow photography of subjects as small as diamond rings to large artworks up to 2m x 5m in our studio. If you can get it in our door, we can photograph it!

An interview with David Hart, Australian Artist - David Hart Galleries on the Sunshine Coast QLD.

You've spent hours, days, weeks or months on your latest creation. Isn't it exciting when the first person to see it buys it and takes it away? Then you think to yourself, "Oh Bugger! I should have taken a photograph of it before it went".

If you want to do it yourself, here are some of the things you need to consider when photographing art for reproduction...

  • Is your camera capable of producing a high quality 300ppi, TIFF or RAW, 16bit file?
  • What size do you want to reproduce your artwork and can your camera create a file that size without interpolation?
  • Is the camera mounted on a tripod and perfectly square to the art?
  • Is the art evenly lit with correctly colour-balanced light?
  • Has your computer monitor been correctly colour-balanced on a regular basis?
  • Do you understand about ICC profiles and what colourspace you should be working in?
  • Are you competent in Photoshop and able to make fine adjustments to correct the image?

If you answer "No" or "What do you mean?" to any of these questions then it will be difficult to produce quality art reproductions from the files you create and you could be disappointed with the results.

At AHR we are extremely particular about the quality of our digital files. We are always striving for the very best possible result and have invested in the appropriate equipment to do this. 

Will we work with your digital files to print your work? Of course, but we would suggest you order a proof strip first to see if the colour, tones and detail are acceptable to you.

The bottom line is this... if you are competent with a quality camera, correct lighting and Photoshop, and can follow all the steps above, you can create a pretty good digital file that will give you reasonable prints up to A3 but if you want anything larger, or want exceptional quality, you’ll need to contact us.